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The last three paintings that I created were inspired by women, their nails especially. This one woman had pink nails with a shiny metallic gray jacket and I told her I would use the colors of her outfit and her nails as inspiration for my next painting. She had a gray shiny metallic puffer jacket, a lavender purple jumpsuit, and the wheels on her skates were this color pink, so I just put it all together.

This painting is designed to look like it was a one brush stroke, but it’s multiple brush strokes. That’s what I like to call an illusion, an abstraction. I like to make pieces that, if three people saw it, all three would have a different idea from this one painting. 

When I was on probation, I had to go to a class called ‘Thinking for a Change.’ And it was taught that there’s always 3 different ways to look at one scenario, or one way of doing things. Now I incorporate that into my art, there’s always more than one way to view one piece. So I try to put three views into each piece.

- Quis

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Assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.