Intake & Crisis Care

My Friend’s Place aims to engage each new young person in an intake conversation that orients youth to My Friend’s Place, shares critical information about accessing services and ensures that each young person who walks through our doors has the greatest opportunity to connect with appropriate resources to address their unique needs and goals.

The intake process includes the gathering of basic information, and a bio-psycho-social assessment to help staff determine appropriate interventions according to each young person's needs. Information gathered during intake includes, but is not limited to, the length of time that a youth has experienced homelessness, their engagement with the juvenile justice or foster care system and/or their parenting status.

The Intake & Crisis Care team receives ongoing supervision and training to identify risks commonly confronting youth experiencing homelessness, including suicidal ideation and human trafficking, allowing intake specialists to refer youth to the most appropriate resources and interventions.


Our Intake & Crisis Care Specialists connect youth with access to documentation, which can be necessary for a youth to access housing and employment, and can expedite a young person's journey toward stability and self-sufficiency. In addition to standing weekly DMV appointments reserved for My Friend's Place youth, documentation services include obtaining birth certificates, state identification cards and drivers licenses, as well as safe storage of documents.

Intake & Crisis Care Activities

    Animal Companion Program

    Crisis Interventions

    Documentation Services


Together We Can!

Assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.