Provide a Meal for a Young Person Experiencing Homelessness Today

Many of the young people who visit My Friend’s Place every day rely on federal subsidies to feed themselves, especially when we are closed on the weekends. As a result of the government shutdown, food assistance programs are on hold and many of our young people face an incredibly stressful challenge within the coming weeks — how to find food beyond what we already provide. No one should endure the stress of not knowing when and where their next meal will come from, which is why we need your help right now.

There are several ways that you can help feed young people accessing services at My Friend’s Place:

  1. Order $10 Kroger/Ralph’s gift cards, and have them delivered to: My Friend’s Place, P.O. Box 3867, Los Angeles, CA 90078
  2. Purchase $10 gift cards at your local grocery store and mail them to: My Friend’s Place, P.O. Box 3867, Los Angeles, CA 90078
  3. Make a direct $10 gift, and specify in the message section of the gift form that you would like your contribution to supply groceries to one of our young people

Please be advised that gift card amounts cannot exceed $10. If you’re interested in making a larger contribution, your generosity is greatly appreciated! However, we ask that you please do so in the form of multiple $10 gift cards rather than one large gift card.

On behalf of all of us at My Friend’s Place, thank you for the unwavering compassion, understanding and support you show for our young people. We are incredibly grateful for your partnership, which allows us to ensure that youth experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles are provided with these absolutely essential resources.