DOUBLE Your Investment In Housing Support For Homeless Youth!

“When I first came to My Friend’s Place in 2013, I didn’t have a back up plan. I didn’t know about housing opportunities until I came here. It was difficult at first. One thing my case manager said was, “Trust in us. We got you.” And I was like, okay, alright. It’s hard for me to put my trust in somebody. But I put my whole trust into it, and it worked out. That was the turning point right there. I’m in housing now, in Huntington Park, in a one bedroom. I like it! Now I see myself enrolling back in school. In five years, I see myself completing college. I can’t see every detail, but I see myself progressing toward very exciting things.”

—J., a young person on his experience receiving housing support from
My Friend’s Place

This Fall, your investment in housing support for youth experiencing homelessness will be matched—dollar for dollar—up to $75,000!

The journey toward housing can be difficult for young people like J., requiring youth to navigate complex systems, complete housing-preparedness activities and remain engaged in a process that can take 6-12 months, and often longer, to match youth with housing opportunities. At the same time, these youth are also often trying to meet their day-to-day needs to ensure their safety and survival and working toward other goals that may include managing mental health symptoms, seeking employment or caring for their children, all of which can make the journey toward housing even more challenging.

This year, to ensure that we are providing the most impactful programming possible for our youth, My Friend’s Place redesigned our housing support program model to better meet the crisis intervention needs of our low barrier drop-in center while also ensuring that we can provide youth in our housing case management program with even more individualized, intensive housing support. This housing support, performed by our newly formalized housing case management team of clinical social workers, includes individual-level advocacy for youth and housing retention efforts, as well as systems-level advocacy and education regarding developmentally appropriate interventions for youth.

Right now, with matching funds provided by a generous community partner, your gift of support for our housing case management program can bring twice the opportunities to young people like J. and do even more to support their journeys toward housing and a permanent exit from homelessness.

Please give before November 30 to double your impact!