Black History Month at My Friend's Place

January 27th, 2023

My Friend's Place is excited to celebrate Black History Month in February, with a special focus on Black Resistance and Resilience, a theme inspired by  ASALH's 2023 Black History Theme.

My Friend's Place acknowledges the historic struggle of Black individuals and communities to obtain freedom, dignity, and livelihood, and the beauty of the culture that has arisen from their resistance and resilience. Black individuals have been subjected to historic and ongoing oppression and we recognize the strength and perseverance these communities hold. This resilience has fostered a grand incubator for groundbreaking achievements in art, science, business, and beyond. It is with these achievements in mind that My Friend's Place celebrates the storied legacy of Black individuals and communities everywhere, every day.

We are eager to share a few highlights of our upcoming Black History Month calendar which include:

  • A creative arts workshop led by local artist  Rhys Langston
  • A special edition of  Popcorn, our monthly zine featuring youth artwork and poetry
  • Our annual skate park event with pro-skater  Isaiah Johnson
  • Our annual Black History talent showcase 
  • A field trip to the Lion King at Pantages Theatre

Here are ways that you can support young people during Black History Month:

  • Provide a special snack (perishable or non-perishable) for 50 youth
  • Provide a meal for 50 youth
  • Underwrite a meal for 50 youth from a Black-owned or managed restaurant ($750-$1000)
  • Underwrite special programming or products for Black History Month ($100+)

To learn more about how you can support young people at My Friend's Place during Black History Month, please contact Candice at

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