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In college I started painting, I took an art history class, I had never painted in high school or anything like that. But I started in college after taking this class on contemporary art. And I met a friend who painted, she didn’t paint anything like me, but she inspired me to start painting. When I painted for the first time, in my head all I could think of was, I love shapes so I’m gonna play around with that. So I started doing that, and I liked it, and then I just kept going.

Shape is in everything in life, so even if you’re doing portraiture or something like that, like when I see a person, I see shapes. Anytime I paint anything, I’m gonna see shapes. That’s what draws me in, because it’s everywhere.

When I paint I listen to music, and music is something that I’ve always wanted to pursue. Different music puts different colors and shapes into my head. Like if i close my eyes and put in my headphones, so much imagery and imagination just flows. The music paints a picture in my mind, and then I paint that picture on the canvas.


Together We Can!

Assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.