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Is 41.18 Solving Homelessness In L.A.?

Tomorrow, July 27, the L.A. City Council is considering expanding ordinance 41.18. This expansion will inevitably further marginalize vulnerable young people, disrupt care and potentially result in their engagement in the criminal justice system - This will slow and complicate a young person's permanent exit from homelessness. The ordinance's expansion will add approximately 1,900 additional enforcement sites–a 376% increase in exclusionary zones across the city. Once approved, 41.18 will cover at least 88 square miles within the L.A.

41.18 was enacted last year and already places severe restrictions where unhoused youth and adults can sit, stand, sleep or hold personal property within public city spaces. Without sufficient and appropriate outreach services and shelter options in place, ordinance 41.18 effectively criminalizes unhoused youth and adults for existing in public spaces.

We encourage you to learn more about 41.18, its enforcement and the proposed expansion by reading the original ordinance here and the L.A. Times coverage here.. If you, like My Friend's Place, don't support such measures, take action and call and email your councilmember NOW and tell them not to expand the ordinance and repeal 41.18.

Please consider joining us on Wednesday at 9:30 am at Los Angeles City Hall to give public comment. Learn more at

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Assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.