Check out Popcorn Issue 12!

Check out Issue 12 of Popcorn zine to view more incredible creative writing and artwork made by youth at My Friend's Place! As we continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, our art workshops look a little different these days. They're held outside, in a tent that allows for social distancing, and only include 3-4 youth per workshop. However, this hasn't hindered the creativity, inspiration, and expression of our young people. Through these challenging times, youth continue to create amazing original works of art, which explore life, feelings, identity, relationships and other meaningful concepts.

For many of our youth, creative workshops are an essential tool for mental health management, helping to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting creativity, interpersonal connection and self-expression. We're grateful that our parking lot allows us the outdoor space needed for youth to continue engaging in these important programs, and continue creating beautiful art and writing!